MA in Creative Writing & Literature
for educators
a low residency program
Who are you and where do you come from? US citizens typically answer these questions uncomplicatedly, which means in one word. The authors we will study in this course answer this question in complex ways: they might hesitate, stutter, or otherwise answer in a sentence or a paragraph. The study of Ethnic-American literature concentrates on the multiple voices which increasingly dominate our country - and these voices, we might note, struggled and consistently struggle to be heard at all. We will focus our attention on the latter half of the twentieth century and examine different racial and ethnically hyphenated groups through fiction, autobiography, poetry, and film. Our discussion of texts by Jewish-Americans, African-Americans, Indian-Americans, Native-Americans, Mexican-Americans and others will combine close textual analysis with attendant theories of identity and multiculturalism. We will take Lil Branno and Brenda Greene’s call for a rethinking of the study of American Literature in the 21st century as our starting point, which we will find in their anthology of that title.
Ethnic-American Literature